Sunday, August 25, 2013

Oh hello there.

I was at work the other day and had just infused almost a liter of warm soap suds enema into a psych patients' butt. The young doc came in a minute later and was like, "okay, let's disimpact you!" I warned him. I really did. I reminded him that there was now 900cc of shit-water under high pressure, and perhaps it was not the best of ideas to go digging around. He acknowledged the warning, dismissed it and the impervious gown I offered, then dove right in.

About nine seconds later, just after I had moved to the other side of the bed and made a bag of popcorn for the show, Old Faithful erupted. I'm not even kidding when I say he was COVERED in poo. I might have made it through the episode without laughing out loud, but then the patient poked his head up from the pillow fort he had made and innocently said, "uh oh, that felt powerful. I hope it didn't get on you..."

I had to leave the room because I was laughing so hard. I feel bad for abandoning the doc, but I honestly couldn't stay in there. At least I already had a new pair of scrubs on the way from the OR by the time he came out.

And then I came home that night and was like, this will make a really good blog story. So here I am. Back from summer hiatus. And I'm not even sorry I was gone so long, because this summer has been fantastic. I'm so glad to have come home; I missed everyone so much and I missed the familiarity of the hospital and staff. But I'm excited too, because I'm looking for my next travel assignment and gearing up to drive stupid amounts of miles and make friends and adventure somewhere new.

Right now I'm thinking about Denver, Bend OR, or Phoenix. Feel free to weigh in with opinions and/or bribe me with offers of beer and friendship for these places.


hoodnurse said...

You obviously know what my vote is, but if we're not on your list this time around I will just give you the information that bend has the most craft breweries per capita of any city in the US.

Ivan Ilyich said...

Bend, Oregon. Hike in the Three Sisters Wilderness. Visit the John Day Fossil Beds, Crater Lake, the Oregon Dunes. Skiing, riding horses, river rafting. There are countless recreational opportunities close to central Oregon.

Just Me said...

Being in Oregon...Bend is pretty awesome. However, hard to beat balmy 80 in Phoenix in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am interviening nursing students for a high school career project, and you seem like such a cool person (from what I have read from your blog) I would love to interview you over email if you have any time. Here is my email adress, and the questions. If your up for it, thanks a million, if not, I totally understand

-What type of a nurse are you?
-What are you responsible for while doing your job?
-Do you enjoy your career, and why?
-What challenges have you encountered in nursing?
-What steps led you to become a nurse?
-What made you interested in nursing? And when was that?
-What are you’re plans for the future?
-What recommendations do you have for me, as a student?

If yout up for it, email me back at (junk email, bbecause I am putting it on what seems to be a very popular blog, try to ignore the stupid name, I made it in middle school)

Also, I do want to say that Denver is a pretty awesome place, (where I live) I would offer up my friendship here, but I doubt you want to be hanging out with an 18 year old ha. Anyway, denver has a great climate, and some awesome people

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a good laugh is just what we need. Thanks for sharing that one. *giggles*


BossNurse said...

Oh, girl, you had me in stitches!! I loved the Denver area when I was there back in the day. So close to so many neat things to do...I especially enjoyed mountain biking in the slick rock country of Moab, UT, which wasn't that bad of a drive. Not to mention skiing, hiking, get the picture. Have fun, wherever you decide to go. If you're ever in Albuquerque, look me up :)