Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Job update

So the wait for a new assignment continues. I heard from my recruiter today, and apparently Oregon has decided that they require a license in hand prior to offering travelers positions. As I currently reside a few thousand miles away from Oregon, that puts me in a bit of a pickle. I'm in the process of getting it, but you know, paperwork. I'll hold out hope that I can still get up to Bend (and also, I am aware of the multitude of inappropriate jokes that can be made regarding this city name) at some point, but we shall see.

I still have an application in to Phoenix and that's currently plan B. If I have to move to Plan C, I'll probably put in for Columbia SC or go back to Texas since that will require zero effort in terms of licensing. If I have to move on to Plan D, you most likely won't hear from me because that means I've moved onto a sailboat and am hitching a ride to the Bahamas or something to spend my days fishing.

I should probably get on this next assignment thing quick though, because as of Saturday I'm homeless again.

Le sigh.


kaley said...

What about Vegas? I've heard Columbia, SC is really nice. And also, when we drove through SC a guy had a bobble head of a coonhound in a confederate army uniform. So there's that.

Tyah Ferguson said...

I live on the coast of SC and there is nothing to be had here!!! We just moved from Phoenix... and you have your pick of the buffet line out there! Plus amazing weather YEAR ROUND!!! Good luck ;)

CandiNP said...

Yeah alas I went to nursing school in Columbia and worked as a nurse there. I can tell you a bit about every hospital there (if I didnt work in it, I did clinicals in it). I'd pick Phoenix in a heartbeat. I travel nursed there and had a blast. And the 70 degree weather in January cant be neat!