Friday, September 13, 2013


After five years in the ER, I'm shocked that I can still be shocked at how inappropriate seemingly normal will act. Exhibit A:

I was putting an IV in a nice lady's hand and making small talk with her and the wife since she wasn't a big fan of needles. It only took a minute or two, and when I was cleaning up the usual detritus she mentioned how close I had been standing and that I almost "had got it." I repeated the usual stuff about how this is the standard procedure for IV starts, sorry to hold your hand for so long, blah blah. I then asked what she meant by "got it."

"Oh," she said, "you almost got a titty pinch, but you were just a little too far away. Maybe next time!"

I just stared at her. And then left the room. Honestly, I think about two percent of me was kinda flattered that this 60 year old woman thinks my miniboobs are nice enough for that, but the rational and professional 98% of me is absolutely flabbergasted at how inappropriate that was. Would she have said the same if I was a bank teller handing over her deposit receipt? Or a restaurant manager stopping by to see how the food was? What about her child's third grade teacher? Did the wife standing next to her think this was okay too?

Yeah, us nurses always get on our soapboxes about how the general public views us not as professionals but as something a little less, but this is fucking ridiculous. 

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GuitarGirlRN said...

"Titty pinch?!" Yikes.