Monday, September 23, 2013

Tim Tebow, RN

You guys, I'm like the Tim Tebow of travel nursing.  It feels like my recruiter is all, "there's so many places you can go right now" even though nothing is showing real interest. I've got skills even though there's a lot of room for improvement, I come through pretty clutch in a two minute drill (of the CPR type), and all I do is win - or in my case, just not kill patients. Yet somehow I'm still waiting to hear back about a new assignment. Sort of like Tim and his desire to do more than simple grounds crew work.

I was turned down for placements in Tuscon and Phoenix, and I don't have enough travel experience for the Denver job that was posted. I have applications in to Durham NC, Fort Worth TX, Dallas TX, and Wilmington NC but so far haven't heard anything about them.

It's hard not to get discouraged when the first two travel assignments came so easy yet now it seems impossible to find a job. There is also the little factoid that I have already left the East Coast and road tripped my way back to Texas - so I'm over a thousand miles from home and still mostly unemployed. I did keep my per diem jobs back home just in case, but ya know. Who wants to drive two days just to turn around and go right back?

I suppose adventuring does come with a price - and right now that price is uncertainty.

That being said, I'm having a fab time in Texas so far. The people here are pretty great, and that makes all adventures worth it.


BedpanAlley said...

Oh gosh, I'm sorry travel nursing isn't going as planned but you will get another assignment! Plus, thanks for the Tebow reference, I really like him and what he stands for. Prayers with you and I hope you get an amazing assignment in one of the places that you really wanted to go!

Nurse Dee said...

Damn that sucks! Ok, couldn't you just apply for nursing jobs in TX? Instead of just the travel nursing ones? What's stopping u?

What areas are you trying to get into or are you open?

Good luck either way :)

Caroline said...

I know a few places in Houston, including agency, if you're in the area.