Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hot damn. I finally have a job again. I was afraid for a while there I was never going to get another travel assignment. It's in Texas, and I'm starting in a few weeks. I'm very happy to be back here for another stint. Although I initially hadn't wanted to come back so soon, it's actually a great thing I've got here and I'm super thrilled.

I will be looking for my next travel assignment to be in the Pacific Northwest, so I've got some time to get all my licenses in order and leisurely find a good assignment there. In the meantime, I'll be working per diem and blogging about the ridiculous shit that goes on when you're a straight up agency nurse.

No seriously. I worked an ER night shift in a dinky little hospital last week. I thought multiple times about how I might lose my license due to unsafe medical practice. It was so bad that I gave up 2/3 through the shift and was just like hey guys, consider me your bitchworker and I'll just do tasks. Because for real. It was nuts.

Stories to follow...


Nurse Dee said...

Sounds like awesomeness!!!

EHRTutor said...


...why do I love cat pictures so much?!?!?!

Nichole Brock said...

Congratulations! And that meme is so cute! Cat memes FTW!