Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Denver fun times

One of my favorite things about travel nursing is getting to experience cities in depth, not just from visiting the touristy places for a couple of days.

I haven't put up a lot of photos from this assignment, so let me remedy that for you now...

My first Denver beer.

Maxwell Falls

These mountains. I love them.
An early-assignment hike for which I was woefully unprepared. And also didn't finish, because OMGZ elevation is a bastard.

Stranahans Whiskey is so delish.

M-A-R-S MARS, bitches! Red Rocks! But seriously. It was SO AMAZING!

Baseball, of course.

Don't worry. I don't know that guy on the deck. But this view. I can't even.

So I've made some good friends, and I've had a lot of fun times. I didn't realize quite how soon I'll be done here - just a few more weeks and I'm out. I'll miss it here. I think I'd be singing a different tune when winter comes, but right now it's summer and it's gorgeous and I love this state.

The adventure will continue elsewhere, though!

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Anonymous said...

The best thing about a Colorado winter is that it's nothing like an east coast winter. It will snow and be cold, and then 48 hours later (if that,) the snow will have melted, and it'll be 60F. Snow doesn't linger, and the sunshine is relentlessly amazing.