Thursday, October 2, 2014

I'm back, with even more rage!

So, sorry about that time I stopped blogging for forever. I'm back and have stories saved up and shall bring all the hilarity. But before hilarity comes rage.

I'm pretty full of that rage right now, both from stupid stuff and from a confrontation with a nurse yesterday that reduced me to tears and made me feel like I was a new grad with no confidence all over again. But more on that later. First, the stupid stuff rage.

I had to buy new scrubs for this job, and whilst scrub shopping I was slowly building my rage level because of how ridiculous scrub attire is now. You never see scrubs for men with fancy little decorations on them or brightly colored trim or attractive flared darts to make the boobs look nice. And when men wear scrubs, they are viewed as a professional wearing a uniform to get a job done. Women, on the other hand, are bombarded with scrubs with sexy cat logos or boob darts or ruching and slim cut lines to enhance the body and appearance of scrubs. So when a woman wears a pair of scrubs, they aren't wearing a standard uniform anymore but instead are wearing a stylish outfit which just happens to be workwear.

And this this pisses me off. I searched for hours for a plain pair of scrubs. No frills, just a soft-wash pair of pants with simple pockets and a top with two reasonably sized front pockets and without a bunch of decorative stuff. I'm not even joking when I say I was in the dressing room for hours. The sign on the door said 7 items only, but I just looked at the lady with a side eye and defiantly carried in my 25 items.

I finally find a pair to my liking, with all the requirements and in a nice boxy shape so I don't look inappropriate. Imagine the rage I felt when I look at the tag to check the price and saw this:

THE ACTUAL FUCK?! This is a catalog model trying to be a lingerie model. I AM A NURSE. I AM A PROFESSIONAL. Not this shit. I try my hardest to be a good nurse and a professional worker in a well respected career. And this is the type of company I have to buy from. Even when I find a pair of scrubs that fit and don't make me look like I'm trying to slut it up at work, I end up supporting a company who perpetuates the stereotype that nurses are just there to look good and bring water and fawn over the real professionals who are doing the actual work. It's a bunch of bullshit, and I'm sick of it.


Aesop said...

I feel ya, sister.

Three words:

Find the one you like and that fits in real life, after that shop online, and never look back.

And hey, welcome back from vacay.
Missed reading ya.

I wouldn't sweat the tag ad though. They tried selling clothes with ugly people, but it never works. I don't see many guys that look like the GQlios they put on our tags either.
If it got me down, I'd just watch the Zoolander, scene at the high point of the movie: the scene where the male models are having a gasoline fight and someone sparks it off and they all die in a huge fireball. It's the only laugh in the whole sad little movie, but it cracks me up every time I see it.

Anonymous said...

Another company that may be worth checking out is Aviator Scrubs.

Michelle said...

Welcome back!

I hear your pain, but let me show you the other side. I work at a scrubs company. We sell what people buy. And yes, there are lots of young nurses out there and they all want fashionable scrubs. Sorry, you've been outvoted - it's simply numbers, we go with what sells. No offense meant to you as a professional.

For professional scrubs I would recommend the following brands:
Cherokee Workwear
Dickies EDS Signature
ICU by Barco

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Try mobb. Its a canadian brand

Kelly R. said...

This is my life right now. I have spent WEEKS trying to find scrubs that say "take me serious" and "I'm not a stripper-gram".. I've found one pair!

If one more person suggests "Grey's Anatomy" I will lose my shit! I'm not buying overpriced scrubs inspired by a bad television show.

How can it be this hard? Is it too much to ask for a non-mock-wrap scrub top that I can move my arms in?

Retired APRN said...

I was a floor nurse during the white uniform and cap era. They did the same thing with our uniforms then. Ever climb up on a bed to start chest compressions while wearing a short dress? Fun times. :/

Anonymous said...

Eh I like cute scrubs. Mostly because I spend more time wearing them than regular clothes, so they are pretty much all the clothes I wear...