Thursday, October 29, 2015

Difference of opinion

It's interesting how varied the attitude towards nurses is. I had two interactions today with complete strangers who couldn't have had more differing thoughts on my job. After finding out that I was an ER nurse, the first guy today thanked me for going into such a difficult profession and putting everything I had into it. He had so much appreciation for us because he's been in the hospital before, and sees what we do. We ended our conversation with a heartfelt thank you on both sides.

The second lady found out I was a nurse and only commented "wow. You probably went into that job because you only work three days a week. It's the laziest of jobs."

Wow, indeed.


Aesop said...

And the second person will receive a Press-Ganey satisfaction survey after a hospital visit, in 200% of cases.

Jordan said...

It is really interesting how people can have pretty much opposite opinions on that sort of thing! Unless one was being sarcastic (the second, I hope?)

anonymous said...

Yes because working 12 hour shifts that most of the time do not involve bathroom breaks, sitting, lunch breaks, or some days water is lazy. O lets not forget the lifting and moving of ppl who average weight is over 200lbs! You are a saint. I may have lost my shit.