Friday, October 9, 2015


Sorry I haven't been posting recently. I've been on a ten day road trip, because oh yeah - I got fired from my job.

No, that's an exaggeration. I didn't really get fired. I did have my contract terminated early as I conveniently had a four week long lifting restriction imposed and four weeks left in my yeah. HR decided that I wasn't able to "properly fulfill the duties of an RN" with the restriction, so had to terminate. I get it, I really do. If a patient DFOs and I'm the only one around, I need to be able to do something that doesn't involve just standing there being useless. But still. I've never been fired from anything. Ever.

It's an awful feeling. While I know it wasn't anything personal and was done very tactfully, I still cried after the call from the nice HR lady telling me that unfortunately I wasn't allowed to come back to work and they're very sorry to let me go as they've heard good things about me. I think the worst part about the whole thing was that I couldn't even cry comfortably as it hurt too much.

Silver lining though. My fiance flew up to Oregon and helped (read: did all the work) pack my apartment and then we road tripped to a ton of beautiful places, camped in national parks, and leisurely made our way back home. It was awesome, and the best possible way this could have ended.

Here's some pictures to prove that it was beautiful. Because seriously. Nature ermahgerd.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry for that. It seems unfair to fire someone for being injured. Still, glad it ended with a nice trip for you.

Shash said...

When you look back in life, this will be a tiny blip. But yes, it's hard, it sucks, it's not fair to you. But please remember that the action wasn't about you and no matter how much this hurt you, it wasn't intended to hurt you. The hospital just has a different need and focus.

So relax, put the time off to good use, (and yes, that includes naps. Sometimes.) and then look at where you want to go or not go next.

Can you tell I've been there? Hang loose for a bit. Enjoy fall. I love reading your blog.

Aesop said...

Their loss.

You'll land on your feet, and be back working soon. (Just a little reminder to always have a back-up plan.)

Get well soon, and enjoy a little enforced vacay.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Getting fired opens new opportunities that couldn't manifest while you were working. Truly, the bad feelings will ease and the good ones emerge. Here's to hard good-byes and hope for the future.

Oh, yeah, and if Yosemite isn't one of the five most stunning places on our blue ball then we don't know what is !~!

girlvet said...

I wouldn't think legally they could even do this. Probably not worth the effort. I'm just sorry you lost the money.

I am in awe of travel nurses who never really know what they are getting in to. Takes a lot of guts.

Good luck in Texas, Avery interesting state....