Sunday, December 11, 2016


Patient: I need help from alcohol. I want to be admitted for detox, I'm never drinking again. I'm done.

Me: Okay, we can help you. Let me go get some stuff together so I can start an IV, and I'll be right back.


Two minutes later from all the way down the hallway I hear, "NO! YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT! THAT'S MINE! FUCK ALL YALL THIEVES! I'M OUTTA HERE!"

And he runs past me with a handle of vodka in one hand, tervis tumbler full of vodka in the other hand, out the door and into that good night.


B. Merkley said...

This might sound super rude, but I thought I would ask anyway.

First: this blog is awesome. It makes my heart warm that other people who deal with the general public have some of the crazies come through as well. (I work at a high school in an area that has a mix between really rich people and the others....)

Second: I would love to start a travel blog with my favorite saying...and your domain name is my favorite. As far as I can tell, your blog is not about travel, so i am wondering if you can edit the name to something closer to what your blog is about so I can use the mountains are calling.....

Like I said, I know it is super rude, but I thought I would ask anyway...thanks!

Aesop said...

When someone comes in MONDAY FRIGGIN MORNING with five suitcases of their $#!^, they're serious about detox/rehab.

When they come in the same way on Friday night, they just ran out of money for booze/pills/dope, and don't have any cash for a motel.
Knowing you can't get a placement on a weekend, they're checking in to the Chez Hospitale Bed & Breakfast.

You can carve that in stone at the triage desk.

Shrtstormtrooper said...

@ B Merkley - thanks for politely asking - though there hasn't been much travel talk on this blog in quite some time, it is still a love of mine. The quote deeply appeals to me as well, so I will have to respectfully decline your request.

Might I suggest something similar, like "thesemountainsarecalling" or "themountainsarecallingme" ?