Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It's been a minute. Let's catch up!

Which excuses should I offer this time for the sparse blogging?

Alas, I have none to offer other than lack of motivation - it's been quite the eventful few months, both at work and in home life, but I just haven't found the energy to blog regularly. With that said, let's update!

The biggest news pertaining to this blog and work life is that I am officially done travel nursing. I've been getting closer to that over the past year or so, but it's set in stone now. I completed my last travel contract a couple weeks ago and signed full time with that hospital. There are still places I wanted to travel to, but life took me this direction instead. At this point, I needed a stable job and health insurance more than I needed the freedom of travel nursing. Because...

We bought a house! Well, we're buying a house. Title papers aren't signed yet, so technically it's not our house, but we're getting there. Next week is closing, and barring disaster it will be ours. I am SO EXCITED! It's a fantastic place - except for lacking a screened porch, it checks off on every single wish list point we had. Larger property? Yup. Two story? You bet. New? Damn right! Multiple other things we wanted? Definitely. It's amazing. And thus begins the home ownership phase of life, appropriately referred to as "Coping with the Joys of Home Ownership" on our inspection binder.

Married life has been well. We've had four excellent months so far and still like each other, so that seems like a plus. Everyone is asking when we're going to have kids, but at this time I just seem to be accumulating cats and I'm totally okay with that.

Work has been good - this hospital is far less dysfunctional than most places I've worked. There will always be negative aspects to ERs, but this one seems like they've got their stuff together. Problems exist but at least management seems to recognize that those problems are real and attempt to address them, instead of pretending everything is fine. The staff is pretty excellent, and the docs are overall great to work with.

The patient population is a mix of bougie upper class snooty people, trauma, psych, and 10% totally normal people. It's a weird mix. But overall pretty enjoyable, and I get plenty of exercise in eye rolling at the BS that goes on. I haven't actually started in trauma yet since I'm fresh off the travel nurse gig, but that will hopefully be phased in over the next few months. And don't tell anyone, but I'm secretly excited to start working triage again. As hellacious as the front can be, deep down I love it because the blogging shenanigans well runs deep out there.

I think that's just about everything for now. I keep telling myself that I need to start exercising again and blogging more, so hopefully I can stick to at least one of those. At any rate, if you don't hear from me soon it's probably because I picked the gym over this blog and am gettin' swole*.


*HAHAHAHA that's a lie; I'm definitely sitting on the couch eating triscuits at the exact moment you're reading this...and nowhere near the gym.

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Shash said...

Eating Triscuits exercises your fingers and jaws. But that's about it. Congrats on the house and the "real" job. I'd like one of those someday soon.