Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Give me sugar...in water...

Last night, I came the closest I've ever been to peeing my pants at work. I didn't even have to pee, either - it was 100% scare related. Let me explain.

As I was giving report off to a coworker just before I danced out the door at 0300, she very insistently leans over and says, "pick your feet up."

You know that tone of voice where someone goes from jovial to deadly serious in a nanosecond, but is also trying to keep it together so as not to panic someone? That same tone of voice when you spot a loose puppy trying to run out in traffic but you don't want to yell at them to come back because it will just freak them out? Yeah, that's the one. You understand.

Anyway, coworker gets a look on her face with that voice tone and even though we had just been laughing about something stupid I instantly knew she wasn't messing around and picked my feet up. Of course, I then look down to see why.


I let out the most embarrassing sound, tried to push my rolling chair away from the desk and simultaneously stomp the bejeesus out of that monster while not touching it. Fortunately, the cockroach scurried away in the same direction as my chair, I leapt out and smushed it into a million bits.

I'm very certain that if it had crawled up my pant leg, I would have screamed and cried and peed my pants. And wouldn't that be a blog story to tell...

thanks for the gif!

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Anonymous said...

You must work where I do. We get them ALL. THE. TIME. It's particularly embarrassing when patients come out of their rooms looking for someone to come kill the roach :-/