Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Me-owch (I'm pretty pleased with this blog post title)

One of my favorite doctors at work is apparently very naive when it comes to standard vagina-slang. Case in point:

After the doctor and I saw a patient presenting with vaginal burning and urinary frequency, I asked if he wanted me to put in for a veterinarian consult. I was met with a confused look from him with immediate snickering from the other docs and scribes around.

Doc: "Uhhhhhhh..."

Me: "You know, for her kitty cat problems?"

Swear to you guys, this patient referred to her vagina as her "kitty cat" at least three times during the doc's exam. It seems that in all his years of doctoring he's somehow never heard this term, which I'm totally okay with because it makes for these little moments of hilarity. And let's be real, it's these moments which make working in the flaming dumpster fire that is today's healthcare system even a bit tolerable.

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Shash said...

A ha ha. Yes. Thank heavens for humorous moments.