Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Poor choices

I have that Fall Risk sign on the patient's doorway for a reason. I also have their little neon orange footie Fall Risk socks on for a reason too. And that bright orange bracelet on their wrist? For a reason. The CVA-alert overhead page might also have clued you in that this patient is a fall risk, or maybe the little note in the radiology order that says "CT Head - R sided weakness" could do the trick.

So don't call me up and bitch me out when you make my rule-out CVA patient walk from the CT table back to their stretcher and then have to fill out an incident report because they DFO'd on the floor by the scanner. Telling me "but you didn't tell me they couldn't walk!" isn't a valid excuse, B-T-Dubs.

It's probably good that you got that CT first though. At least you can prove the big giant head bleed on the scan didn't come from you.


peter watson said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with what he said. I like to steal fall risks bracelets from work and wear them when I go "clubb'n"...aka have a beer at Applebee's after work ;)