Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Get your kids vaccinated.

A (non-medical) friend of mine posted the other day on facebook about how she is astounded at the anti-vax movement and how otherwise sane people can hold such obviously detrimental views. In the ensuing comments, one of her friends linked to some bullshit natural health blog which had a bunch of links to articles that "proved" the existence between autism and vaccines. I don't know this other girl so I was more than willing to put her on blast, but I also didn't want to completely shame her since she's a friend of my friend and apparently a super nice girl.

But then I got to thinking about it. And I stewed. And I know this is an issue that is constantly percolating and in the news this week and I've posted before about it but DAMNIT GET YOUR KIDS VACCINATED YOU ARROGANT ASSHOLES. Seriously. What a first world problem to have. "Oh, I don't vaccinate my kids because I read this article about thimerosal and now I'm pretty certain that mercury and big pharma cause austism." BULLSHIT.

You know who would love to have the vaccine you're so callously dismissing? That mother in the rural developing African country who is watching her infant die a slow and painful death from coughing-induced hypoxia caused by pertussis. How horrible it must be to know there is nothing she can do but watch her baby die, and here in the US we have spoiled celebrity starlets who get to be interviewed by the news and are given a platform to spew their completely uneducated reasons for declining a vaccine.

Study after study has shown that there is no causation between vaccines and autism. Side effects? Yes. Bad reactions? Yes. Contaminated lots? Yes. But causation? Fuck no, and I'll personally go hand all my life savings to the first person that can show me a study which proves it. Until that moment, I hope you rest easy at night knowing you're a reason that kids in this advanced first-world country are dying a death previously reserved for the mothers in the third worlds who can only wish for the kind of privilege you have.

Measles outbreak hits NYC.

Here's a map that shows the M&M from anti-vax movement.

Jenny McCarthy is an asshole.


Traci said...

Preach! I cannot for the life of me understand these assholes who don't vaccinate. These recent outbreaks are proof that it will bite them, if not the rest of us, in the ass.

steph said...

Have you seen this?

Anonymous said...

People can be terribly stupid about vaccinations. There's no room for individualized choice: for it to be effective, a high percentage of the population needs to be vaccinated--you being vaccinated is not enough.

People worry about the risk of injury and death of vaccinations, when there's a MUCH higher chance of injury and death being an a car on the road at any given time--but you don't see these people giving up their vehicles.

Nick said...

I love you.

Nick said...

again. not nick.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, now US of A mothers get to watch their babies die a slow painful death from pertussis. I saw a documentary where a NICU Doc was called to the ER for a baby because the ER docs didn't know what was wrong. They thought it was a super bad case of RSV. NO, Pertussis. The NICU doc knew immediately because she'd seen it while volunteering in third world countries. And this documentary was aired a few years ago.

Aunty M

Jennifer said...

As a nurse in a rural developing African country- thank you! It drives me crazy to watch people "debate" this issue when I've seen kids die of measles, mumps and tetanus.