Thursday, April 21, 2016


It's a rough time in politics to be a moderate liberal, as I am. The dominant rhetoric by "the other side" is that gays are ruining family values, Christians are being persecuted in our own country, build a wall so Mexico can't get here, fuck yeah guns, and that Islam is a dirty religion full of terrorists who should be forcibly rounded up and kicked out of this country because MERICA.

Obviously you can see which side I lean towards on the political fence. But I generally feel that there isn't room in the country for all the hate, especially with everything else that is going on. I wish more people could see the good in others. I wish, so stereotypically, that everyone could just get along.

I had a patient yesterday who is dying. A young, vibrant, should be in the prime of his life nice guy. He'll be dead in a few weeks. I read his admission notes and noticed this one from the chaplain:

"Chaplain extended spiritual care at which time discovered patient/family are Muslim. Chaplain inquired if the family would like the Imam called. Family declined as they have already called their own, but expressed gratitude for the offer. Chaplain and family celebrated the unity in one God and requested the clinical teams' prayers for the patient. Family in vigil at bedside and remaining reflective and humbled by this moment. Prayers coveted for the patient as plan of care is determined. Imam to provide ritual at bedside."

I wish more people were like this chaplain. If everyone could see the good in others, this world would be so much better. I know there will always be the radicals, in every religion and area, who want nothing but chaos and death - but we don't need that in our everyday life here in America.


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Nurse Dee said...

I agree completely - Did you know that the current pope stated that Islam is a peaceful, loving religion and that people need to stop hating on it? I love that. I think more people should be so open minded towards each other's religion then things would be FAR more peaceful!

Shash said...

Thank you for sharing that comment. I've had my fill of extremists and those making up bad things to post on Facebook. C'mon everybody, let's love one another right now.